Coastal Modern – MCM Homes by the Beach in Orange County

Beach houses are already a hot commodity in California, especially in Orange County. Even more in-demand are mid-century modern residences along the shore. Although they carry a hefty price tag, these coastal modern homes are often swept off the market in a hurry due to their crisp, sophisticated design and proximity to the beach.

Lovell Beach House, Newport Beach

Lovell Beach House
The Lovell Beach House is one of the most famous modern style residential constructions in Orange County. Renowned architect Rudolf Schindler drafted the home, decades before the height of the mid-century modern design movement. Construction was completed in 1926. The design is clearly ahead of its time; featuring an excess of windows for ventilation, clean lines, un-surfaced concrete and industrial-inspired forms, all common in modern design.

Schindler designed the home for client Philip M. Lovell around his ambitions for a healthy lifestyle, with emphasis on fresh air and nutrition. Schindler used the opportunity to introduce European Modernism into the area as one of the first cases in Southern California. The building was reportedly built to withstand earthquakes – a novel notion for the times.

Gorgeous Paul McClean Design, Corona Del Mar

Gorgeous Paul McClean Design, Corona Del Mar
This home’s sophisticated minimalistic modern interior and exterior further accentuates the surrounding area’s own breathtaking beauty. Though a recent build, this residence boasts striking character and an almost fortress-like permanence, conveying a sense of having been long established in the area.

Famous modern-style architect Paul McClean designed the home to include unique, bold features such as a magnificent central glass staircase unlike anything else in the nation. Large windows and spacious balconies take advantage of the incredible beach and ocean view.

John Lautner’s “Rawlins House,” Newport Beach

Jaws Home

A mix between mid-century modern and avant-garde, this unique home, affectionately nicknamed the “Jaws” Home, stands out in the neighborhood. The home was built in 1979, designed by architect John Lautner and is situated along the harbor with it’s own beach. The outside’s extreme exterior features modern elements but it is inside the house that MCM design is more clearly expressed.

The home has been carefully maintained by its various owners to preserve its most poignant features, such as the ceramic tile floors, copper siding and Douglas fir ceilings. The home includes a 30-foot sliding glass door allowing the owner to advantage of the California beach climate and break the barrier between the inside and outside.

Authentic Thornton Abell, San Clemente

Authentic Thornton Abell, San Clemente This sensibly updated home was built in 1973 and designed by acclaimed mid-century modern architect Thornton Abell. Abell was famous for having designed Arts & Architecture magazine sponsored Case Study House #7.

The San Clemente home takes advantage of sweeping views of the ocean with large windows. The residence is located in an upscale community, which even boasts its own private beach. Great glass walls along the open floor plan living space enclose a gorgeous, large central atrium. Indoor-outdoor California style living at its finest!

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