#BLS #Giveaway! 2 tickets (10 tastings) to Savor Santa Ana

BLS Savor Santa Ana Giveaway

We are giving away 2 tickets (10 tastings) to one lucky winner for Savor Santa Ana taking place Thursday, February 12th.

To enter to win, simply like us on Facebook here, then tag the person you plan to bring and tell us why you’re excited to go in a comment section.

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The giveaway ends Wednesday, February 11th at 4pm. We will choose the winner by random number generator and announce the victor here on Better Living SoCal’s Facebook page. We will meet the winner at the event to hand them the tickets.

The Savor Santa Ana is a fabulous event where you can explore Downtown Santa Ana and find new restaurants and bars! If you don’t win, we would still love to see you there!

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