Big, Bold, and Beautiful in North Tustin

I’m busy. You’re busy. And neither of us probably have time for a full-scale renovation. Which is exactly why I love homes like this. It was done in 2008 but started life as a late 60s Spanish contemporary. What does that mean? Big square footage and lots of space with clean bones. And the remodel — it might not be everyone’s cup of tea — but it’s bold, colorful, and cohesive. And it’s funny, I think people respond best to a home that’s cohesive and has a consistent design. New home builders have figured this out — it’s why most people will accept the cheapest door handles available in a home — if they all match. 

The other thing that sticks out with me is the level of detail. This wasn’t a flip. This wasn’t a quick renovation. There are a the kind of nice touches that most buyers wouldn’t even notice on the first visit. One of my favorite little design details: the rangetop knobs actually come through the front of the cabinet so it looks like the rangetop is directly built-in to the cabinetry. The refrigerator is also integrated into the cabinetry, creating a seamless facade. This home also has skylights — with automatic rain sensors that close in case you forget — a very useful feature this year.

I always think about who homes are for. We love 1950s and early 60s mid-century modern homes here — but these homes are often smaller, have limited storage, and represent some compromises. That’s what makes homes like this one pretty awesome. Just a decade later and the homes got bigger (a lot bigger — this one is almost 4000 square feet) and is a no-comrpomises home with modern aesthetics. They kept some of the original design features (big interior spaces, lots of glass, and those cool flying buttress exterior walls) but this home feels like it’s ready for contemporary living and the quality is unparalleled. And with many North Tustin homes regularly hitting the low $1Ms for less than 3000 square feet, this home feels like a value. 

Would you like to take a look? We’d love to represent you as a buyer on this wonderful property and give you our thoughts in person. Contact us. 

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