The Best DIY Modern Décor Projects from Pinterest

Modern accents can often cost a lot of money, regardless of if they are original or reproductions. DIY Modern projects are a great recourse for those of us who want all the excitement of an on-trend Mid-Century Modern accent piece without the expense. Pinterest is the DIY destination these days. Do it yourself Modern décor is popular on the visual discovery and bookmarking site, with hundreds of tutorials available on a wide variety of projects. We picked out the best big impact, low cost DIY Modern décor tutorials.

1. The DIY Modern Hanging Planter via NorthStory

This simple project has great appeal and can cost as little as $5. This planter DIY only requires 3 items: glue, a bowl and an embroidery hoop. Be forewarned that it may be difficult to find embroidery hoops that fit the bowl of choice. If you’d like to go straight to the tutorial, visit the tutorial on NorthStory. Helpful pictures illustrate the few, easy steps involved.

1 The DIY Modern Hanging Planter via NorthStory

2. DIY Bloktagon Candles or Cement Vases by HomeMade Modern These candles and vases make for unique modern accent pieces.

The geometric shapes that these items form are very Modern in style. HomeMade Modern provides an assortment of templates, which you can download and print for free to form molds for the wax or concrete. A helpful video will guide you through the process. You may already own many of the items required for this project. For example, you may have a few broken crayons you’ve been holding on to on a whim, or some photo card stock paper that you bought in bulk. Find the Bloktagon tutorial at HomeMade Modern.

2 DIY Bloktagon Candles or Cement Vases by HomeMade Modern

3. Modern Pegboard Shelving System DIY

As someone interested in Modern décor, you may have a collection of accent pieces that you would like to show off. Why not place these coveted items on another slick, Modern piece? This project offers great style and function with its many shelf configurations. The pegboard shelving system requires tools you may already own plus a little measuring, drilling and perhaps sawing. If you would rather avoid sawing, consider getting the boards for the shelves from a home improvement store and having them cut to the desired size there. The guide for this cool DIY can be found directly at Apartment Therapy.

3 Modern Pegboard Shelving System DIY

4. 20 Awesome DIY Modern Lighting Projects

This roundup features 20 DIY modern light fixtures. Pick your favorite(s) and get started! These projects are a little more advanced but have huge payoff for the time and materials invested. One exemplary modern piece from the collection is the Bentwood Sconce via The Guardian, which features bentwood, a quintessential material used in Modern design and décor. If the sconce isn’t your cup of tea then you’ll be sure to find a favorite in one of the other 19 projects. Tutorials for each of these projects can be found via Curbly.

4 20 Awesome DIY Modern Lighting Projects

5. Modern Wall Clock From a Platter DIY

This beauty is a great example of the fact that almost anything can be turned into a clock, although this wood platter-turned-timepiece is pretty basic. The classic modern feel of this piece is brought up to date through the DIY designer’s use of on-trend metallic accents. You’ll need a drill for this project as well as a clock mechanism, and that’s as complicated as it will get. Find the full tutorial at Craft Hunter.

5 Modern Wall Clock From a Platter DIY

6. DIY Modern Concrete Stool by HomeMade Modern

Stools are handy pieces of furniture that can lend a whole lot of function and style without taking up much space. Although it may not look like it, this project is very simple. You will need to mix concrete and saw, but that’s it. This project is very inexpensive. The main 3 materials, concrete, a bucket and a wooden dowel, may only set you back about $5. The complete tutorial website can be found at HomeMade Modern.

6 DIY Modern Concrete Stool by HomeMade Modern

7. DIY Modernica Case Study Planter

Sometimes making a replica of a sought-after designer piece is the closest we will ever get to owning the item. This stunning planter modeled with care after Modernica’s Case Study Planter is a perfect example. This project may be the most complicated off the list but that’s not saying much. With just a bit of measuring, sawing, hammering and painting, you will be on your way to a stylish room. Oh, and don’t forget to pick out a plant such as the Snake Plant used in the tutorial. Find all the instructions for this DIY at The Twisted Horn.

7 DIY Modernica Case Study Planter


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