Anaheim Packing District – The new hot spot for food, shopping and LIVING!

imagesLocated just two miles from Anaheim Convention Center and Disneyland at 400 South Anaheim Boulevard, the Anaheim Packing District gives residents and visitors a perfect ambience to reflect on history and indulge in the widely celebrated local culture. Orange County is well known for its rich agricultural prowess, and its Packing District is generally known for the Packard Car Showroom, Anaheim Packing House as well as a Farmer’s Park.

The Packard Car Showroom has undergone numerous architectural modifications to its 1925 building that constitutes a major part of the Packing District. The showroom now hosts Umami Burger and Anaheim Brewery.

The Farmers Park is unique in Orange County, sitting on a two-acre beautiful community park with stunning views of the surrounding. Music lovers throng this park to enjoy live music and other events such as the biannual food truck rally and other social events that boost history, art, music, education and other sectors.

You cannot claim to have visited Anaheim Packing District without sampling two-story The Packing House whose completion has been finalized with the stage and open at the end of May. This large 40,000 square foot culinary architectural masterpiece has been designed to keep the public entertained with food, beverages and a music stage that sits in the backyard of the facility. The revitalized facility has put the Anaheim Packing District on the map as one of the best communities that have taken entertainment and leisure to a whole new level. Visitors who want to be part of Anaheim Colony, which has a rich history and some fantastic Historic Homes, have a chance to experience the Modern facilities and it’s the perfect chance to step back in time as well as enjoy fine, world class modern facilities.

anaheim packing districtFoodie fans in Anaheim will definitely be excited with the much hyped launch of the Anaheim Packing House. This is a fully fledged culinary walkabout facility that sits right in the middle of the city that carries a rich history. The community known for its rich agricultural, historical background is well known for hosting a 1919 Spanish revival citrus plant whose market is now set to accommodate 20 vendors in the nearly 100 year old refurbished complex that subscribes to historical architecture.

Anaheim has a surprisingly high number of Mid-Century Modern homes and the Packing District is another sign that Anaheim is truly a wonderful place to live. We have had the pleasure of the selling not one, but two Mid-Century Modern homes in Anaheim, 1181 Catapla and 1820 W Crone , in the past few months and the more time we spend in the area, the more fun, exciting and up and coming things we find.

If you live or reside near Anaheim Packing District, there’s definitely so much to enjoy particularly if you are into outdoor experiences. The Anaheim Packing House will host a wide variety of eateries coupled with a chain of food artisans. Indian food, chocolate bar, fish market, cheese and grain shops are just, but few examples of the numerous facilities anticipated at this facility. Whether you are young, old, single or married, Anaheim Packing District is definitely a location you would want to spend your day, evenings and weekends.

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