Pull An Amazing Last Minute Gift From Thin Air…

…well almost from thin air. The gift itself can pull what it needs from thin air. “Air plants” or Tillandsia make unique and interesting gifts for many types.


socalairplantIf someone you are shopping for has a flair for the unusual or swears up and down that they don’t want anything for gifts this year, an air plant can be a wonderful surprise. Air plants can be a great hostess gift to bring for an event in place of the bottle of wine everyone else will be carrying in. Tillandsia plants are epiphytes and need no soil. Air plants make great houseplants for those who may not consider themselves tgo have a “green thumb” Personally, I tend to kill just about every houseplant that I have every owned but my air plants have survived and thrived for almost an entire year. This is a major victory for me!caring_for_airplantsMaintenance is very easy for air plants because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves. All that is needed is a nice soak in water about once every week or two. I soak mine for an hour or so, sake off the excess water and return them to their habitat. Which, honestly evolves with the seasons. Because they are so interesting, I tend to switch out vessels and locations of my air plants.airplant_holidayFor a festive touch, consider including air plants in with your Holiday decor. For those who favor a Mid-Century Modern look or even a Minimalist style, interesting clear, glass vases can be found in a number of places. I found this glass vase at a thrift store and added a few red Christmas bulbs along with my plants for a very interesting Holiday centerpiece. This look would be perfect for a Holiday dinner party and keeps a lower profile than a tall full floral centerpiece of greenery that can shed needles all over your table. Air plants can be found on hand at many local Southern California floral shops and landscaping supply houses. Call first to any of these retailers to make sure they have some on hand and what Holiday hours are just in case you are trying to grab a last-minute gift. If you do have time on your hands, airplants can be purchased online from many vendors like airplantshop.com and esty shops like mudpuppy offer airplant vessels that can add so much interest to any space. These unique and playful plants would be a great addition to any SoCal home!

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