The Team

Kelly Laule

(714) 376-0212 // BRE#01773280

This has been a long, windy road; but, now I am here, right where I was always meant to be. Let me start by giving you a quick peek at who I am when I’m not at work. Well, I guess, in a way, I’m always sorta at work – a realtor’s work is never done :)) But, actually, my time is blessed with two amazing little princesses, and my very own Prince Charming. He is the backbone of what I do, allowing me to be crazy, passionate about all of this, and still be the mom and wife that I want to be. I grew up here, and I still can’t imagine ever living anywhere else. Why would I? We’ve got the desert, the mountains, the beaches, the desert – oh wait, did I already say the desert – I might be partial. I think growing up here does something to you – it’s beautiful. My grandparents lived in Laguna Beach, and I spent my summers surrounded by the ocean and the local art scene. Our closest family friends lived in an Eichler. It was all my normal, and it’s in my bones.

I was working in corporate America; I found myself really dissatisfied and longing for something more. I’ve always loved people – the older, the better! Their stories and memories inspire me; I love everything that has history. That’s why, when I was approached to take over Eichlersocal, it was just a no-brainer. Since that day, a lot has happened, but not much has changed – I still love people and history and my hometown. One thing that I HAVE learned on this journey, though, is every which way to make it happen; everybody’s story and situation is different, and requires its own unique approach. Helping to make people’s dreams come true, makes mine come true – I’m a hopeless romantic (I might even cry at an occasional commercial).

So, now, many dreams later, here we are — Better Living Socal — the culmination of all these things, the end of the long, windy road. Only it’s just the beginning – Stephen and myself connecting interesting people with unique spaces in the best kept secret of California.


Stephen Meade

(949) 280-6481 // BRE#01378749

I value ideas over things. You might think this is an odd place to start, if I’m helping you buy or sell your house, but it isn’t. In fact, I think it is the essence of why I do what I do. I love that what seems simple on the outside almost always took years of practice and expertise to achieve . This “simplicity” is what makes modern homes amazing, not the glass and wood. When you look around, nothing is by accident. Everything is there because somebody, somewhere along the way thought that it should be – the way the shadows fall, the way the light pours in, the way the lines continue inside and out. It’s all SO inspiring to me. So much so, that I live in a Cliff May, right here in Southern California.

I love anything that is hand-crafted and well-executed, all the way from craft ales, gourmet bites, to specialty cars. On any given weekend, you can usually find me at a local craft brewery, or a new, buzzing restaurant. I get excited when I see things be re-purposed, urban areas being respected, and restored. This is why we started Better Living Socal – it’s all happening, right here in our backyard – and we want to connect you with these spaces and, ultimately, form a community.

My skill set in making and closing deals speaks for itself. What I want you to know is who I am – I notice the details, I see the forest for the trees, I might even know what you want, before you do.

What our clients say


  • Jonny Ebbert

    "Kelly did a masterful job when selling our place. She understands the Eichler market better than anyone, and her understanding of the real estate market in general is beyond par. Her staff is top notch and took great care of us, keeping us informed the entire way, and gently prodding us for necessary paperwork. Highly recommend!"

  • Micheal Burrage

    "Kelly wasn’t my first realtor when we began looking for a home here in So Cal, but we happened to meet her at an open house she was hosting and after a short conversation I knew I had to work with her. First, the open house she was hosting was more like a neighborhood friendly gathering where she had some wonderful live music and food being served to her guests.... so fun!!!! Kelly’s approach was very friendly and welcoming and we instantly felt connected. She asked all the right questions and answered all our questions which made us feel that she was the right realtor for us. I stopped working with my original realtor and began a short journey with Kelly and her team. She understood exactly what we were looking for and in a short time helped us put in our first offer! We were so excited and nervous at the same time but Kelly was there and helped guide us through the entire process! Her due diligence and energy Is amazing and we still love to stop in and say hello whenever we see her open houses! You have to meet her if you are in the market for a realtor!!! You will not be sorry! We love Kelly!!!!!!"

  • Austin Holley, Orange CA

    Two words; DREAM TEAM! Kelly, Jenna, and the team at Better Living Socal are what real estate dreams are made of!! They provided us a smoother experience then we could have ever hoped for, and an outcome that is still hard to believe. No joke, clients for life!

  • Darrell Wall, Washington Square

    I would recommend Kelly & Victoria & Jenna to anyone I come across, they truly made the experience feel personal. I didn't feel like I was merely a commission, I was family.

  • Jack Toledo, Costa Mesa

    Looking for a potential home to buy is both scary and extremely exciting. All of the information being thrown at you is foreign and raises a ton of questions... Stephen was completely transparent and courteous through our entire search and selection of our new home. He made sure to tell us just enough to keep us comfortable while shouldering all of the heavy lifting as to not overwhelm us. He empowered us as the buyers and fought hard to help us find a middle ground with the sellers. Such an intense and amazing process made as easy as it possibly could be by a true pro!

  • Indu Alagarsamy, Murrieta

    When I enlisted Stephen Meade's help, I was on a super short time frame. I was getting booted out of my rental right before Thanksgiving 2016 holidays.  I also needed to find a house and move in before Jan 2017, before my business trip to Portugal. Well, Stephen came through. His willingness to setup showing appointments at the drop of a dime and making sure that he or his colleague was always available to take me to see the houses I was interested in was fantastic. Stephen is extremely knowledgable and you can count on him to make the deal that's better for you.  I can highly recommend Stephen! It's hard to come across reliable people in this industry and he and his associates are truly gems.

  • Kym Bashford, Orange

    We worked with Stephen and Kelly for over two years before selling our home in Long Beach and relocating to Orange. We had a variety of obstacles that they helped us overcome. We are so blessed that they not only found us our dream home, they made our dream a reality. I can honestly say we could never have done it without Stephen and Kelly's creativity and determination! Also, a special thanks to their assistant, Jenna. She's awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Helen Vorobyova, Irvine CA

    I am very happy, I had a contract for sale of my family nest with Stephen Meade Better Living Socal. My house was presented very well with professional pictures and advertisements. The house was very old with a lot of imperfections and without new attractive exterior, but Stephen helped me to find a very motivated buyer for the house, who was interested in schools and we got "as is" offer and closed escrow very quickly I would highly recommend Stephen Meade, who can handle all types of sales, even a very long contract is a winning contract with Kelly Laule & Stephen Meade and Better Living Socal.

  • Dahlia Gold, Surfside
    Kelly & Stephen really know how to market to MCM fans. From their strong MCM lover database to their fun event packed open house soiree's to their video /social media/ marketing materials etc, you can be assured of their passion, focus and effort. Outstanding staff. They roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Whatever the job.
  • Lynn Kouzel, Fullerton

    Kelly Laule impressed me with her great personality and ability to connect with people. She is an expert in Mid Century Modern architecture and knew the marketing strategies and implemented them to attract clients. She is an excellent negotiator and successfully achieved an outcome beyond my expectations.

  • Laura Rooks / Orange, Ca

    Stephen and his team have a niche in Eichler homes. He was our obvious choice for a realtor when deciding to buy. He's extremely knowledgeable about the Eichler market. Stephen was able to negotiate a timeline that best fit our needs especially when our first buyers dropped out of a home we were selling. Regardless of this misstep, he was able to continue the purchase process for our new home. Stephen was very considerate, understanding, and supportive during the roller coaster process of buying. Stephen and everyone at the Better Living SoCal team are all so friendly, welcoming, and genuine to the l clients they serve.

  • David Rooks – Huntington Beach

    In comparison to other realtors we have met and worked with, Stephen is very professional and knows his stuff! Other members of Stephen's team including Kelly, Victoria, & Jenna were all extremely professional and great to work with. 

    Aside from the pure transaction side of buying and selling homes, Stephen and his team are devoted to modern homes and their preservation. He was an obvious choice in who we wanted to sell our house and just as important, Stephen knew what kind of aesthetic we were going for in the purchase of new home. 
    For anyone who has been to an open house of Stephen Meade & his team the experience is definitely one that is outside of the box. Normally, to me at least, open houses seem cold, drab and awkward. Stephen's open house events on the other hand, especially on the opening weekend, often include elements of a party-- ie: live music, food, photo booths & adult beverages. In addition to the welcoming atmosphere of his open houses, his magazine worthy photo brochures with a complete description of the home stand above what other realtors pass out. After being to many of his & his team's open houses (& by many I mean probably all open houses they've had in the last 3-4 years) it was a no-brainer that when we were going to list our home I wanted the same kind of experience for our home & the people who were going to come through. 
  • Robert Johnston, Fullerton

    As a first time home buyer, Stephen walked me through the home buying process the entire way in a manner that gave me extreme confidence in my purchase. His office responded to any concerns I had promptly and went above and beyond in dealing with any sudden issues that arose and they were quickly resolved in favorable manner. I have already recommended Stephen to a coworker who is starting her own home search.

  • Lara, Long Beach

    Stephen and Kelly's knowledge and direct experience with midcentury homes was critical to our decision to go with them. Stephen was very attentive to our needs. Overall we would recommend the team including Jenna to any of our friends. They are extremely nice people and a pleasure to work with. We had a very difficult sales process and they made it as easy as feasibly possible.

  • Doug & Linda Smith, San Clemente, CA

    After dealing with another broker who clearly only wanted to show her own listings, we became concerned that we could not find an agent or house that matched our needs. We had originally decided NOT to go with Better Living Socal because my son worked them, and we want to have some autonomy. Big mistake. Our son and daughter-in-law were thrilled with the way that Stephen handled their home purchase, and we had the same experience. Stephen and his entire staff make your happiness be their goal as opposed to filling their pockets with cash.

    Stephen's knowledge of the area is unsurpassed. I cannot say how much that helped us. With that said, I feel as if he was even more aggressive than I would have been in negotiations which is a HUGE RELIEF! He knew what was fair (I tend to be concerned about the buyer's feelings), and he consistently fought for us in a way that I have never experienced...ever. 
    When Stephen called us, we knew we had his undivided attention. Knowing he was trustworthy was why he chose him, but experiencing how quick he was to respond to any questions or concerns amazed us. He also shielded us from things that were not worth our time or energy.
    I want to adopt Jenna Skrak, and she was far more than helpful. She went the extra mile on so many levels that I began to forget she was not one of my best friends or relatives. The only thing I regret is that I do not get to spend more time with them since I purchased the house. Jenna was exceptional and certainly made us glad we made the decision we made. The world should be filled with Jenna Skraks!
    Not only would we refer you, but we already have. My only regret is that it took me too long to send in this review (the sad consequence of stress from moving...I was sick for a month!) We have nothing but positive things to say about this company and all employees. After working with several realtors for selling our home and looking at buying a home here, we appreciate the professionalism but truly connected with their honesty, integrity, and human touch which is a rare commodity in business these days!
    Stephen Meade does not come off as a slick realtor nor will he ever act like one For some people that may be a concern, but ultimately it is a sign of his great integrity. He is a wonderful person who truly dedicates his life to his job and his customer. OK, maybe he enjoys his cars a bit as well! Ultimately, we loved how connected we were to Stephen, and that is only because he works at truly understanding his customers. My son bought his house from Stephen,and I know my daughter-in-law's parents will soon be buying a house from him. We are pretty easy going, but we need to trust the person with whom we are working. We have NEVER felt as confident as we do in referring to Stephen Meade.
  • Amanda Clark, Orange
    There were a few bumps in the road when trying to close. Kelly went ABOVE and BEYOND when guiding us through the process and ultimately got us a better rate on our mortgage, took as much stress off of us as possible when dealing with setbacks, and fought for us when needed.
    I'm not sure if Kelly eats or sleeps! She is constantly in contact, making things happen, and is the most knowledgeable agent in town. If I had a question or concern, she was on it immediately.
    I've always been impressed with how Better Living Social conducts their open houses. They take so much time to get houses looking their best and then turn the open house into an event. When considering selling our house, I knew they were the best in the business.
    The purchase of my dream home would not have been possible without Kelly Laule. Her knowledge of our neighborhood as well as her connections with families within the neighborhood was the key to finding the perfect home for us. Not only did we purchase a house, we found the perfect community to enhance our experience for years to come. This wasn't a fluke. This happened because of Kelly and Better Living SoCal.


  • Michael Hunter. Los Angeles CA

    Kelly's knowledge of the neighborhood and market are unparalleled. There is no reason to consider working with anyone else.

  • M Sanders

    I'm not one for writing reviews, but the outstanding service and quality delivered by Kelly & her team truly merits the time and effort so I will attempt to reciprocate their 5-star (out of 5) work. So here was my experience with Kelly and her team: 1) They were exceptionally knowledgeable of the market and quickly picked up on the features of a home we were looking for! I was on the East Coast 3,000 miles away searching for a new home in Southern CA. Not only that - my transfer was going into effect one month from the date we decided "now" was the right time to buy (before even peaking at the possible homes we would live in). A timeline that was destined for disaster, right? Wrong. Kelly and her team immediately displayed the kind of homes we were looking for and within a short period of time we had narrowed down "finalists". 2) They achieved results! What I mean here is once we had identified the home we wanted to live in, they were outstanding with negotiations from front to back and kept us well abreast of key updates. We were working with a specific price-point, and considering the Southern CA market, we did not give Kelly and her squad much to work with. Despite the fine parameters to work with, they were able to identify great options for us to choose from. 3) Accessibility was key! Weekdays, weekends, in the morning, at night - it didn't matter. Kelly and her team was ready to assist. As I mentioned before, I was 3,000 with only phone/email/text/facetime to work with, so communication was essential. There was always someone from the team accessible to keep me aware of where things stood. 4) Execution was seamless. All things considered, we moved in weeks before I thought it was possible as Kelly and the team were nimble and proactive throughout the escrow process. I was impressed with the start of The Team's service only to be blown away by how attentive and detailed they were threw the closing process. Overall, I highly recommend this team!

  • T.J. Hatch, Tustin

    Kelly was great to work with. We have been looking for a home for almost 2 years with no success. Kelly made it happen for us! From start to finish Kelly and Jenna made this a very easy process. We are first time buyers so we had no idea of the process and they were very patient and communicated well with my wife and I. Every detail of the process was seamless because of the work they did for us. We are now in the home of our dreams but are still asking questions and Kelly and Jenna are still quick to respond to our questions!.

  • Rob Erwood

    You'd be hard pressed to find a better company to deal with then Better Living Socal. If you're looking to buy or sell in the Orange County area, do yourself a favor and contact Kelly Laule and Stephen Meade.

  • Kip Hewitt

    Buying our first house was a huge decision and filled with so many obstacles. We never thought we would qualify for the loan and we certainly didn't believe we would end up in our dream house. Kelly Laule was the strongest decision we could have made. She and her team built a protective shield around us. Inch by inch we knocked down every challenge together. When we finally walked through the front door of our new home we felt like we had slayed a dragon. We never could have done that without Kelly.

  • Mark Paquin

    Kelly made us feel like we were her only client. Very knowledgeable about Eichler homes and the unique ownership aspects. We would use her again without hesitation.

  • David Pearson

    We met Kelly at one of her open houses a good six months prior to deciding to list our home. She was friendly, informative and took the time to understand what we wanted in a new home not just what was currently available. Once we met with her one-on-one in her office, there was just no competition from other brokers ... our decision was made. Kelly Laule simply knew how to deliver on our dreams and goals and had the experience and knowledge base to back up her very impressive record working for years with buyers and sellers. Look at her resume, other sellers use her for a reason ... She knew how to deliver what we needed so we could go get our next dream home.

    Every aspect of the marketing of our property was handled seamlessly and professionally. For those that tend to want to get involved in the details (like me), relax ... Kelly and Stephen have it handled. Their marketing campaign was flawless and placed our loft head and shoulders above the completion. They targeted the key buyers who would be interested in a loft. Kelly and Stephen's campaign was so successful I had a dozen or so potential buyers knocking on the door hours before the open house. No joke! In addition, she attracted multiple offers on the very first night of the open house! Under priced? You may ask ... Nope! Highest sales price per square footage in our loft models! Highest sales price for our specific plan! All cash sale! No contingencies! Boom! Done! ... Hello Kelly the dream maker! We couldn't have done it without you!

    Throughout the selling process and the quick escrow, if information was needed, either Kelly or Stephen were a phone call or text message away. Also, a major and well deserved shout out to Jenna who is simply amazing. She coordinated so many details and did it flawlessly. She came through quietly and brilliantly so many times when something had to be done and I was caught at work ... Jenna to the rescue!

    Basically, Kelly Laule, Stephen Meade and team understand selling a home can be stressful (whether real stress or perceived stress) ... they get it and they keep it real with professional knowledge, planning, decisive action ... and a good dose of humor because they know their business is also about people and making lasting connections.

    I have worked with several realtors over the years and this has been the best real estate experience I've had. Kelly Laule and Stephen Meade have my full endorsement.

    Lastly, if a broker is only as good as their staff, then Kelly Laule and Stephen Meade are doing just fine. An encore shout out to Jenna Skrak. She is a doer and delivers on a promise. I many times said during the sale Printed on: September 13, 2016, 4:44 am Page 1 of 2 of our home "Jenna to the rescue!" ... Corny but she really was our superhero. Thank you Jenna!
  • David McDonald

    Kelly is a gem. She has a detailed knowledge of the market, and she knows how to get a house in tip-top shape, and get top dollar. She also has the outstanding interpersonal skills to work with all kinds of sellers and buyers.

  • James Cross

    "Kelly Laule's knowledge of the Eichler Homes and her positive personality were the primary reasons we selected her as our broker. We previously looked at Eichler Homes 8 years ago but ended up purchasing another home. I think if we had met Kelly then we would have been owners of an Eichler home sooner.

    Kelly Laule's attention to every detail of the transaction was amazing. She asked us to trust her with the details and told us to enjoy the process of getting to own an Eichler home and that is exactly what happened. Kelly took care of everything imaginable.

    We cannot say enough about how professional and amazing the whole Better Living SoCal team was during the purchase and after the purchase of our home. Can we rate them with an EXCELLENT ++++?

    Jenna Skrak was amazing. She was always very professional and went way above any expectations. If we needed anything, Jenna was just a text message or phone call away and she took care of it.

    We wouldn't be living in our dream home today if it weren't for Kelly Laule. We don't consider her a real estate broker. We think of her as a dream maker."

  • Martin & Angel Roach

    "Words can't describe working with Kelly, but I'll still try. I've worked with the same realtor for 3 house purchases and sales, but when it came to buying an Eichler, you need an Eichler specialist, that's when I reached out to Kelly. Not only did she take the time to educate us in the three neighborhoods with Eichlers, but she also took the time to show us what each neighborhood had to offer (restaurants, stores, etc.) She was able to show us several homes that were on the market and even one that wasn't. She has a great presence in the Eichler market, knowing who might want to sell and who might want to buy. Needless to say she knew what we wanted and needed even before we knew. She doesn't want to "sell" you a home, she wants to sell you the "right home". Now saying she's an Eichler specialist is not fair because when it came to selling our Eastside Costa Mesa home (beach bungalow) we were blown away. She created a lifestyle marketing strategy that set our home apart from the 5 other homes that were for sale at the same time around the same price. Those "other homes" stayed on the market almost 4-5 weeks and had to have price reductions whereas our sold after the first open house with multiple offers including 1 at full asking price. See why she's not just an Eichler specialist? Don't take my word for it, give her a call, you'll see what I'm talking about!"

  • Trent & Annamarie Atwood

    "Better Living SoCal exceeded our expectation. My husband and I moved to California and were overwhelmed by the different towns and neighborhoods, the traffic considerations and our own expectations. In this market, we quickly realized that we needed to work with agents who responded to us immediately, had prior knowledge of homes going on the market and were ahead of the game.

    Kelly and the team at Better Living SoCal did just that--they got to know us, our home desires and our neighborhood preferences. And when we put an offer on our perfect little bungalow, Kelly came up with creative ways to make us stand out to the seller. She was tireless in her communication to the seller and ensuring that we were being represented in the best way possible.

    We would recommend Kelly and the team at Better Living SoCal to anyone. Don't settle when it comes to your dream home. Pick a knowledgeable, energetic team who will work for you.

    Happy Hunting!"

  • Eileen

    Stephen and his team has been very professional throughout the selling process. They exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the sale. We couldn't have asked for a better team to market our home.

  • Nancy

    Kelly has really done her homework to learn about the Eichlers, and how to price and stage them attractively. Her marketing captures the unique qualities of each home. Kelly negotiates smartly, based on what's important to her seller. Her assistants followed up on every detail to help the process move easily and efficiently.

  • Timothy ShieldsAssociate Professor (tenured) at Chapman University

    Kelly worked with me for months to find an appropriate house while I was moving across country. She was rather helpful, very personable, and responsive, and uncovered residences not yet on the market. Given the cross-country move and fluctuating real-estate market in 2008, it was a stressful experience, and I was quite relieved to find Kelly and acquire her services. I would recommend her without reservation

  • Mototaka MinamiSenior Multimedia Producer Calty Design Research, Inc.

    Kelly is not only professional with excellent knowledge of Eichler homes but personable and reliable to work with. Highly recommended!!!

  • Barbara BernieOwner, Metamorphosis Development, Inc, dbaBarbara Bernie Landscape Design, dbaNext Stop Adventure

    Kelly helped my sister and I find a renter for the family home (the profits of which we use to support a dependent sibling) in a timely and thorough way. Her enthusiasm and understanding of both the Eichler homes and the real estate market, make her a dynamic partner in transactions.

  • Dave McDonaldDirector of Information Services at Warner Bros.

    You need Kelly to sell (or buy) your house. She got top-dollar for our house in 2008 - during a terrible market for sellers. She is honest, hard working, and a joy to deal with. She returned every single one of my phone calls within minutes. I highly recommend Kelly.

  • Jim HansonSenior Project Manager at Walt Disney Imagineering

    Kelly helped me get into my first Eichler (rental) and has been great at keeping me up to date with properties as they become available. When the time is right, Kelly will be the right person to get me into the Eichler, or other Mid-Century Modern, of my dreams.

  • Rachael HillDesign Director O'Neill women's

    We were first time home buyers and we couldn't have asked for a better experience with Kelly. She was great at making sure we were clear on every aspect of the buying process. We were buying a special kind of house and new we wanted Kelly because of her expertise with Eichler homes. We hit some unexpected speed bumps along the way and she was creative in her approach and worked very hard to get us into this house. The other great thing about Kelly is that she has built an amazing network of people that understand Eichler homes. So she is a resource beyond just home buying, but really all things Eichler.
    I highly recommend Kelly!!! She's great!!

  • James DeLilleTeam and Organizational Development Specialist

    I would highly recommend Kelly without hesitation. I have known Kelly for a long time, well before she was a realtor. When she approached me to sell my home, she did so in a very professional and delicate manner. She took charge but was always careful not to push too much. She had a plan and followed through with it beautifully. She’s confident in herself and positive in what she knows. She is someone who thinks out of the box and always comes up with a solution to the many difficult challenges that arise when selling a home.

  • Dale ShimDirector, Strategy and Planning at The Word & Brown Companies

    Kelly does more than just paperwork. She makes deals happen. I never thought I would be in an Eichler, but Kelly found a way to make it work. She is an expert in her field, passionate about helping people and a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate to do business with her again or to recommend her to others.

  • Trevor ColónOwner, Sports Massage Therapist

    Kelly worked magic to sell my house!

  • Tom DolanExecutive Creative Director

    My wife and I worked with Kelly at Eichler SoCal to help us secure a great mid-century modern house in a noted Eichler tract in Orange, CA. Kelly was a super agent, knows the full history and pedigree of every Eichler in the Southland, and she'll do what it takes to get the deal done. My highest possible recommendation!

  • Michael ArcieroDirector of Licensing at University of Southern California

    Kelly understood what kind of house we wanted and delivered. We were first time home buyers and Kelly took the time to explain the process and addressed all of our concerns. I highly recommend her work and would work with her again in the future.

  • Ted HoibergTED2 Inc. an Arizona Corp.

    Kelly provided me a process that got me some responsible tenants. Every rental owner understands the value of a decent tenant.

  • Morgan JenkinsDirector/ Writer

    Kelly Larnard is an extraordinary real estate agent which my husband and I would highly recommend to anyone. We were looking for a very specific type of home, one in which Kelly specializes in (Eichlers), when I reached out to here via email, within an hour (on Mother's Day) called me back and got the ball started. We were on a very tight time frame and worked really hard at making sure the house we were purchasing went thru escrow on time and closed in time for us to move in. Kelly was our purchasing agent and when it was time to get the deal made she was smart, tough and got us through a very difficult purchase, which is why we appreciate Kelly so much

  • William NealOwner, Trek Engineering, Inc

    Kelly is passionate about Eichler Homes and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. She is dedicated and really cares about her clients.

  • Brian WyserLead Animator at Insomniac Games

    We first met Kelly after taking a random stab at finding our dream home with a quick search online for Eichler homes. From the get go she was great. Very easy to talk to, clear and concise with advice, and incredibly helpful in understanding our needs and making time to fit appointments into our schedule. In the end she did indeed help us find what we were looking for and the experience as a first time home buyer, although turbulent, was made that much easier because of her.

  • Marty and Angel Roach

    It all started with a phone call to Kelly on a Sunday evening and our journey began… My husband and I had just heard of these homes in Orange that were called Eichlers. We knew very little about them but were intrigued. A little research later on the internet and we found Kelly. Not only did she spend a good hour explaining the history of the homes and the 3 different location in Orange that had them, she offered to take us to one and show us around the city of Orange and all the different things it had to offer. It was a life style that she was introducing us to, not just selling us a home. The 3 different neighborhoods all had their pros and cons, but after meeting with us every week and taking us to all the different restaurants that we would soon come to know and love, we finally found our dream home. Kelly knew us better than we knew ourselves, the Fairmeadow location wasn’t our first choice but as always she knew better and it has now become our only choice. Through getting to know us personally she was able to anticipate our needs and find us that perfect home. As for selling the house that we were living in, boy did she deliver. It’s human nature to think you know what’s best but let me assure you Kelly knows best. We simply let Kelly tell us what to do, fix, and stage and the results speak for themselves. We received full asking after receiving three other offers simply 5 days after our very first open house. Between the behind the scenes marketing and the very clever home video selling the lifestyle of our Eastside Costa Mesa home our house not only sold so fast but for the FULL ASKING PRICE. Did I mention Kelly knows best? She also offered to take our beloved two little dogs to daycare while she had the open houses. Our experience with Kelly is beyond excellent, she not only met and exceeded our expectations, but she was also extremely thorough and thoughtful. I can go on for days, but actions speak louder than words, I would and have recommended her to anyone and everyone who is looking to buy or sell, let Kelly show you how a real professional does it and you’ll soon be singing her praise too!

  • Jane McCauleyFormer Eichler Owner

    My dear Kelly Laule Larnard –My Angel !

    May 20 – Surrounded by overflowing boxes, messy piles for huge garage sale,, adding notes below 6/7 subcontractors –repairs, replacements, refinements…painting…planting … preparing to list my Eichler in August. .

    My visiting son asked if you would come by for a chat.
    And then you brought your contractor and landscaper with their happy and cheerful crews to complete all work at costs below several of my quotes.
    And then YOU took all responsibility for workmanship, scheduling, oversight, new selections – schlepping, schlepping to my home.
    SHEER LUXURY !...after 40 years as go-to-person for matters large and small and emergencies…in my career as architectural planner and interior designer.
    Without lifting a finger other than polishing my sink and making my bed, within seven days  I had an astonishing offer for my beloved original Eichler, no pool,  from a solid buyer.  You said he has been shopping Eichlers with you for several years.
    And then you brought Two More Angels – lovable, caring Lesa and Henry Jara of Go Mod Retro.  So savvy about four generations of “stuff”.
    Photographed everything, forwarded to 1200 dealers and followers, some of whom travelled from LA.  Brought art appraiser to price my fine art.  Ten long days and they cleared my cluttered museum of a home, packed garage, et al.  For 10% LESS than commissions from three other estate sale dealers.
    YOU KELLY, My Angel, expedited all this for me at considerable savings – based on my experience of like projects.
    Sixty stressless days for farewells, packing treasured books, clothes, 40 pair of shoes.  One Computer, one kitty.  Off to Richmond, VA.
    As you know, loved my days in CA, all my treasures, but So OVER IT.
    No Novice am I regarding the perils and stress endured by some clients.  Prepping, Listing, endless Open-Houses, multiple negotiations.
    Thank you Again, Kelly my Angel.
    You Go Girl !

  • Barbara BernieFairhills Tract-Orange

    More than ten years ago, my father told me that when I wanted to sell the family Eichler, I should use EichlerSocal.  He had met Stephanie Raffel years earlier and the  2002 Eichler Directory she produced is still on my bookshelf. When Dad’s health started deteriorating, and he moved into his girlfriend’s home in Corona del Mar, I took it upon myself to prepare the home to become a rental.  After the repairs had been completed, I contacted EichlerSocal and found that Stephanie had moved but that her partner, Kelly, was also a mid-century modern enthusiast and the neighborhood expert. Kelly is a bright, energetic, young woman, who immediately found us our first renter.  In the 5 years I’ve known her, we have had only two renters, both of whom were model tenants.  She had screened them both and did the paperwork, efficiently and effortlessly.My sister and I had inherited the property, sometime between renters, and as her health and my finances were both ailing, I determined it was time to sell, even though everyone said it was not a good time to sell.

    Since my sister and I live in northern California, it would have been nearly impossible to complete all the repairs without Kelly’s help; she not only found us qualified, licensed contractors at competitive prices, but she coordinated all the work, met with the inspectors and other contractors and within a month, was ready to list the property. We had already contracted with a wonderful stager, Modern Mecca, thanks to Kelly, but were unable to use her services, as Kelly brought us the buyers, who now are the owners.  Kelly acted as the agent for both the sellers and the buyers in a way that still baffles me.  She made us feel that she was acting only on our behalf, but she also did the same for the buyers.  We didn’t even have time to list the property, before we were in escrow and closed within a month.My only regret is that I have no other properties in southern California to sell or rent to have Kelly as my Agent for Life.  And she did all of this while 7 months pregnant.