19th Century Mansion

19th Century Mansion

This home is located just North of Downtown and just South of Floral Park and is a 19th Century Mansion. In most parts of the country, the presence of a 19th century home isn’t too big of a deal. But when you realize that Los Angeles was a city of just about 100,000 people in 1900 — you begin to realize there weren’t that many houses around before the turn of the century and few of them survive today. In 1900,  Santa Ana was the largest city in Orange County, but with only 4500 residents. As a two-story home, this was most likely the home of a large landowner and it is built in the farmhouse style. Due to it’s more urban setting (it isn’t too far from the original downtown), it seems to have some more ornate trim than would have been found in a midwestern or prairie farmhouse.

I have a feeling that at one point this home would have had a full front porch — I think the area you see on the front was enclosed. There is definitely a lot of good, and some bad on this house. I like to start with the positive, and it appears that most of the floors, windows, and the rather ornate moldings and trims are intact. To me, one of the coolest parts is the upstairs, with the unique transom windows located above some of the doors. It’s a unique touch that you won’t found in many Southern California historic homes. As far as the not-so-good…the original kitchens and baths are long-gone. While the replacements aren’t terrible, they aren’t exactly period correct, either.

While the Tudors and bungalows are common in Orange County — authentic farmhouses are not. This is a unique area and one of the oldest homes still around in Santa Ana. It’s on a larger-than-usual ~8400 square foot lot and offers a lot more square footage. It does come at a price and while it’s not in a bad area, it’s also not within the other old neighborhood near downtown: French Park.

This home is listed by Alysha Ommen of Port Street Realty Corporation, but we’d love to represent your interests as a buyer. If you’d like to schedule a private showing of this property, don’t hesitate to contact us


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